Wednesday 5 February 2014

Fanfare For A Finish Or Two

Lilly made this picture for my recent birthday, what a fabulous gift... she's really enjoying working with fabrics and the workshop for free motion embroidery recently has sent her off into a whole new world. 
I think it deserves a toot toot toot... as it is finished!
Morning Judith finished her Jelly Roll quilt. She's so happy with her free motion stitching that she's planning to do more on her next project... 
Toot toot toot Judith, a splendid quilt!
Cynthia loves these little quilts, they are cute-e-tty cute indeed.
It's a small wall hanging taken from one of the Art To Heart books by Nancy Halvorsen. Toot toot toot Cynthia, it's lovely.
Morning Judith found the pattern for this Cathedral Window Pin Cushion on the Moda Bake Shop site, what a lot of patterns and ideas are... and they are free! Judith improvised the pattern to suit her availabubble fabrics, PMS Pleasing My Self. Toot toot toot, it's finished!
Christabelle finished her memory quilt and it's about to be gifted!
There are so many things to look at on this quilt from opera singers to wine bottle corks and every little detail will mean a whole lot to the lucky lad who it was made for. Toot toot toot Christabelle, it's fabulous
Just Edna made her latest project to be double sided, this particular side started out as the 'A' side, the top if you like... but on completing the gifting quilt...
Just Edna decided that this side is her favourite!
Both sides are fabulous, the lucky guy it's been made for won't have to worry about it as both sides are as wonderful as each other.
Toot toot toot Just Edna... what a lovely gift.

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