Saturday 22 February 2014

Stitching News

Just Edna is a fan of pieced backings, me too!! How about you?
This is the Edna's latest quilt backing, a giant Log Cabin, to use up all the extra 'just in case' centimetres purchased... Fabulous isn't it!
Jeannette proudly showed everyone her Lone Star quilt top.
She was telling us of all the wonderful technics and tips she had picked up at the workshop last weekend... A dramatic selection of fabrics... seems any combination works with this design.
Chatty Cathy is hooked on Apartment Quilting and declared that it's the only way she will ever make larger quilts in future. With her Jelly Roll quilt centre done in four separate quarters, Cathy's now quilting each border strip. 
And just for fun... Jeannette couldn't quite reach the centre of her sandwich
... so, up on the table top she went!
"Bottoms up Jeannette!"

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