Thursday 27 February 2014

Stitching News, In A Flash...

Jean Bean made a sandwich with her most wonderful Batik Beauty.
She threatened to free motion quilt it too!
This is the splendid backing Jean Bean's made for her quilt.
The picture doesn't show how lovely and rich the colours actually are because of that beautiful sunny day  outside, but you get the idea and you just know there will be more pictures coming soon don't you.
Lynda finished adding her borders and made the perfectly purple sandwich...
at the same time she's working on another quilt...
a large one that will be joined appartment-ly
Little Annette made enough Railfence blocks now so she started to join them. She need to see how large the quilt centre will be before deciding whether she will want borders adding.
At the very same time Annette is making a dramatic heart cushion using the twister template. She had seen the one made by My Mum Gwynneth in that lovely little quilt shop in Cheadle!
Mystery Margaret finished two shirt fabric quilts... don't they look fresh?
I'm just hoping her hubby actually knows he has fewer shirts now?
Margaret quilted them beautifully with her darning foot and free motion.
Kate worked on her sixth and, she says it's her last, kiddy play mat using the pre cut 30 x 6" square packs that have been so popular of late from my little shop.
Marilla came to the Dresden Plate workshop recently...
all of this is hand pieced and will be hand quilted...
such beautiful fabrics and, what a clever idea to fussy cut the centre like that?
Just Edna's Stack-N-Whack Kaleidoscope blocks...
slowly turning into a quite amazing quilt top.
My Mum Gwynneth enjoys a challenge... so we challenged her!
Isn't this fabulous? It's a practice for the quilt I am wanting to make with the new Dutch fabrics.
Woooosh.... that's me rushing to open up Angie's Patchwork and Quilting shop..............

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