Friday, 28 February 2014

Stitching News

Inspired by the quilts people, including Julie her very own self, have been making with our lovely little 6" squares packs, Damm Julie arrived with new fairy fabrics, cut them up into squares, stitched them together, added borders, sandwiched and quilted AND added binding
A quilt in a day? Yup... toot toot toot!
Michelle My Belle had a tricky time choosing the outer border fabric for this little cute-y. One of the great things about having a sewing day inside a beautiful quilt shop, is that you have thousands of fabrics on hand to play with and to audition... there's always one in there somewhere! Toot toot toot, it's fabulous and finished... except for the little heart buttons

Left over fabrics have their uses outside of quilting too... Sheila opted to make this apron from the left over fabrics from her most beautiful poppy quilts.
My photo's of Sheila's Poppies are rubbish... the black background must be playing a trick on my camera... anyway, if you're going to Uttoxeter quilt show at the end of April, you will see for your very own self just how beautiful the quilts are.

Brenda Barbara is in the process of making a beautiful Batik waistcoat. She made an open sandwich (as there's only two layers, one Batik the other wadding) first of all, cut out oversized pattern pieces then quilted them. Once quilted Brenda could cut the pattern out properly and continue on her merry stitching way
Peggy sat stitching her binding down by hand for the morning session then put it all away to be finished at home and jumped into action piecing the necessary Charm squares to make a tote bag, based on the Big Quilted Panel Bag tutorial... which can be found on my side bar.
Josie had done most of her quilting as homework so she just needed to do the last bit of stitching on the border. She chose a lovely shell wiggle stitch, how technical a term is that! We moved on to trimming the crusts off and binding... a good afternoons stitching!

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