Saturday 1 February 2014

Stitching News

Sheila's most beautiful Poppies, being made for a memorable display later this year. Beautiful green Batik fabric for the leaves, do I need to tell you from where Sheila purchased her fabulous fabrics??? 
See the pot of threads Sheila has for the appliqué stitching, and the perfectly placed Poppy red, ergonomic Lotus Chair... perfect!
Peggy proudly pinned her lovely quilt sandwich with the help of Jenny Barlaston. She stitched a few lines of shadow quilting, decided they weren't good enough, even though we all thought they were, then sat and unpicked the lot!... but she was Pleasing her very own self and went home smiling and happy... and that's the main point of classes in my very own classroom!
Lyn Scatterpin is coming to the end of quilting her two main halves and will soon be joining them together... the enormity of the quilt is becoming real! ha ha ha. A quick demonstration about the joining process made it all look easy (ha... well it was to me) really, it's a little tricky but it is easy.
Michelle My Belle finished her portrait of the Rottweiler , her fabulous, first art quilt but I didn't get a picture for a toot toot toot (please bring it again Michele). For a little easy and relaxing stitching, Michelle purchased one of our convenient packs of 30 x 6" squares and, after much pondering and switching of the squares, stitched them all together.
Last but not at all least... Jeannette proudly held up her fabulous and finished single bed size quilt. She's up on my photo step on the top step of a step ladder... that was the only way we could get a full picture, a lovely floor to ceiling quilt!!!
Toot toot toot Jeannette!

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