Thursday, 10 July 2014

Stitching News

Once again, here I am with a poorly flipper, I had my left hand operated on yesterday and lets hope this is the last blooming operation I have to have... they are extreeemly inconvenient you know! I've had one day away from my very own shop to keep the flipper up to minimise swelling... I think I have cabin fever!
So, with Jenny Barlaston at the helm and My Mum Gwynneth at her side we still have a blog post for you... See the dedication? Bringing you inspirational pictures no matter what life events happen!

Sporty Sue sent this picture... what a clever sprout she is!!
She made the Feathered Star all by her very own self with a pattern... no Dawn Cameron-Dick workshop. It must have been a good pattern. Toot toot toot Sue, Fabulous, fabulous fabulous and finished

Giggly Gillian had taken the pattern for the trunk to the copy shop to enlarge it  and finished hand stitching it and all of the leaves for her tree. She was able to bring it to class ready for choosing the borders. Gillian purchased another leafy Batik to make another tree as a commission.
Merrily's done an outstanding job with her Skeleton panel...
What absolutely fabulous quilting... I tell you, these panels have been so much fun and we're loving all the different things the ladies are doing to them... toot toot toot Merrily
Stephanie Iceland popped into the shop, as she does, to show off her hexagon heffelump (that's elephant if you're a furriner, he he he) My Mum Gwynneth took  pictures from every angle but this is the best one... very cute 
Di Butterfly finished her kiddy quilt play mat.
Fabulous and finished deserves a took toot toot fanfare. I wonder whether you can see that Di used Ombre fabric (Shaded from dark to light) You know... we have quite a few colours of Ombre fabric in my very own shop.
Michelle My Belle continued to make her commissioned large pillow/cushion.
She does very precise work and tries really hard to get pointy points and perfect joins... it always pays off... great results every time.
That's it for this post, I should be back in the classroom tomorrow so, hopefully the blog will updated again. It takes much longer to type with one hand...

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I just love your quilt xxxx