Saturday, 8 November 2014

Fabulous And Finished

Polish your trumpets... it's a tooting post today...
Jeanette Milly had decided that her quilt needed to be sent away for a professional treatment... Long Arm Quilting is a good option when you just can't face doing the quilting yourself. This quilting was done at Quilters Trading Post.
The pattern from this book
Barbie was 'chuffed to bits' to have finished this quilt. Two full days of cutting and stitching in my very own classroom from start to finish compared to two full years to make her beautiful flower quilt... of course there's a huge difference in the size too.
This is one side of Stephanie Iceland's commission cushion.
One beautiful Grand daughter, obviously named Elsie, is surely going to cherish this lovely gift from her Grandma... 
This is the other side of the cushion, so cute and fabulous little Prairie Point edges to boot. Stephanie designed and created it all by her very own self...
with a little help found on tinterweb
Brenda happily showed us her finished and fabulous Quick Table Topper
It's such a popular little project in my very own world... which looks just like a fabulous little quilt shop!!! ha ha ha
These table toppers make lovely gifts and can be run up, Lick-etty-split
Now, I think, but am not totally positive, that this fabulous and finished Diamond Tree belongs to Longport Lynda. She came to the fun workshop last weekend and now the tree has a little extra 'bling'... you need a little bling on your tree don't you! 

This is a terrible picture of a fabulous quilt... you must know by now that it was made by our Princess Jackie... what a beautiful quilt it is. I had to rely on other ways to take pictures and, though it is not perfectly in focus, a blurred picture is better than no picture at all... it is what it is!
This is the back of Jackie's Noah quilt, the pattern for which is from Kids Quilts, I mentioned that before I think...  Isn't it wonderful to turn a quilt and think "Wow, I love that!
There you go... a totally Toot toot toot-able taste of terrific projects made with the help of my temptingly tantalising little quilt shop!!

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