Friday, 14 November 2014

Railfence Stitching News

Lorna's fabulous, festive Railfence Table Runner.
 Quilting complete and with binding attached waiting to be hand stitched... 

This will be done at home in front of the TV she says.
Plain Jane's on the right and her very own Mum, Sheila's on the left...
They're having great fun learning and stitching together... both are ready to have the crusts trimmed off so next time there will be binding to do together.
Morning Josie added both inner and outer borders so, next time, she will be making a sandwich... and getting down to the quilting. She's always wanted to make quilts... we're making dreams come true in my little classroom!!
Melissa, with the bump, finished her quilt top so she too will start her next class with a sandwich making session... she was disappointed not to have any home work... so I suggested she do research by looking at this blog!! ha ha ha 
I will test you next week Melissa Bump!

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