Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Angie's Patchwork and Quilting Shop

Today, all day, is my very last day.
I am never ever going to open, ever again...
Oh...this year, of course!! ha ha ha...
Were you worried?

When I close my shop at 4:30pm today, Sewing Prevention will be well under way... I have everything to do, guests a plenty coming for the Christmas Day festivities and not a piece of wrapping paper has been purchased by my very good self, never mind gifting presents/
So, as my shop closes, I hope-itty-hope that all the others' shops are staying open...
I will be the tornado whizzing through the shops with a red hot purchasing card!

I have a joiner coming to work on my shelving in the week between... that's my Christmas present to my very own self, as I always choose... see these posts for the fun of past years...



All will resume as normal in the year that's just around the corner when my lovely shop will be open to all... that will be Thursday 5th January.

There will be other blog posts though... at least... that's my plan!

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