Thursday, 29 December 2016

I thought You Might Be Interested....

In seeing exactly what's been going on in your favourite Quilt Shop

I discovered recently, on being allowed into the neighbours garden, that the wall, this wall, at the back of the classroom, is actually completely underground... no wonder it is freezing cold over there... even with the heating on, it's still chilly in the corner... ask those who sit over there!! Some ladies choose to sit there because it isn't too warm actually... those are the Hot Mama's! ha ha ha. The Cold Nellies sit over in the window side with rosy cheeks.
I had to move everything from one side of the classroom to the other. It's always a bit of a shock seeing exactly how much fabric stock is actually on those shelves! It looks lots more laid out in piles... oh and they are achy-shoulder-y heavy to move round!!! but I am a trooper, I do this for you!!
I've had a plan to change my Ikea Billy shelving for a long time... I wanted it to match all of the other shelves in my lovely shop... I can fit more fabric and Fat Quarter baskets on these Ivar shelves as they are taller. So... I called in an expert, Graham. I asked him to help me sort out the shelving and asked how could I insulate the wall... Yesterday we got it sorted. 
Today I will spent the day in my lovely shop putting all the stock back in place... or in a new place... of course I reserve the right to move the colours round... Christmas fabric doesn't need to be right there at the front of the shop any more... It is done and dusted.... How many of you declared that you would start making Christmas things for 2017 Sewing Prevention Season early next year? I am guilty... I say it every year... maybe this time I might just do it, how about you?


Julia Alsop said...

Can I have some of your energy ducks? Happy New Year. Julia x

Just Edna said...

Yay!!! I can stop putting my thermal vest and thermal tights on!!!! Only kidding! Your lovely shop will be even more wonderful! Happy new year and here's hoping we can find everything next week!🎉🎉