Sunday, 4 December 2016

Stitching News

PM Pam had blocks left over from making her huge and beautiful Batik quilt so we played with them. It's great to make a cushion or two to give with your gifting quilt, so that's what she decided to do... and there will be more Batik beauties made as there were more blocks and larger pieces of fabric left over too.

For quite a long time now, Princess Jackie has had a bit of bother with her quilting... It's been really tricky trying to get it perfect enough... we have tried everything, absolutely everything, in an effort to sort it out... Would you believe it?... We now found the problem.... Even though the Walking Foot looked like it was doing it's job and working well... it was not. Jackie now has a shiny new one which works perfectly... I wanted to tell you so that, if you are despairing about your walking foot quilting... maybe, just maybe your Walking Foot might not be doing it's job... check out that tool!!

Gail decided on the fabric placement for her Crown Of Thorns blocks... so she started to stitch block units together... We are not going to ask you to spot the mistake... the problem was the conversation... Those Tuesday ladies laugh A LOT and it obviously throws Gail off a bit!!! It's just one row turned about... and it was spotted in good time.

Jeannette Dilly is doing the latest Bonnie Hunter Mystery "En Provence"
The weekly task was to make 221 neutral 4-Patch units. Jeannette arrived for class with strips of assorted neutral fabrics already cut and went home with exactly 221 4-Patch units... and an achy achy back!!! 

Fiona Too wanted to make a table runner with this Charm Pack from Moda... it's a very easy and relatively fast table runner to make but choosing the fabric placement? My goodness, that takes AGES!!!

Brenda Duck is making a gifting cushion. She had purchased a Nautical Charm Pack from somewhere... but like many ladies, she can't remember either 'where' or 'when'... but it was a little bit dull once sewn together... we sorted that out with a Moda Colour Weave fabric border and this fabulous anchor applique!! 

There won't be any prizes for guessing who's making this Quick Table Topper... It's a little obvious eh... It's Farmer Lynda! She's making it to gift to another Cow fan! I'm betting it will look great on Farmer Lynda's, farming friend's table.

All Day Di is making some wonderful colour and fabric choices for her Calendar blocks... we watch her scooting around my shop, choosing and auditioning Fat Quarters... there's a sort of buzzing noise and we think it's from her creative cogs turning a great speed!

It happens every year... once one person starts to make a Quick Table Topper everyone wants to make one!! or two or three in fact. Steph has a festive fabric Jelly Roll so she's making hers with a slightly different method...

Sister Suzie made one too and she wanted to add the Faux Piped Binding to give a fabulous finish... that tiny pop of bright green looks so good... it is a little tricky to do, this Faux Piping... but well worth that fiddle!

Barbie had been asked to make a grey kiddie quilt.
It's not easy to choose fabric with only one allowed colour, Barbie was a bit stumped....
Is grey even a colour?
Why yes it is... a delicate tone or two of grey can look great!
Barbie is happy now... very happy indeed with her quilt.

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