Sunday, 11 December 2016

Hidden Wells

There's a lovely (to me) story for this quilt. I made it in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 2000... gosh a lot has happened since then. I was a member of Morumbi Quilters...and we all made one. Before we started the project we all went shopping for the fabrics together, 15 or so of us, on Rua 25 De Marรงo... that was a hoot!! We went there very often too... oh I cannot describe the fun of Centro in Sao Paulo.
Now and every Christmas I get out my Hidden Wells Christmas Quilt and position it carefully on my sofa, it's throw/single bed size... and immediately I think about the wonderful time I had with this fabulous group of ladies and how much my life has changed, thanks to them, especially a lady named Jacquie. This quilting journey of mine is all her fault!
Anyway, I have made this design a few times now. Every one has special memories for me. I took this quilt to my shop and lots of ladies want to make it so I have booked a workshop date for February.

I decided to make another Hidden Wells quilt... Monday Sheila made me do it!!!
These are my fabric choices... all cut and ready for today... Alison Glass and Art Gallery fabrics... my favourites at the moment! Yay..

Today... all Day today...
Drum roll please...
It's our first of many, Sunday Sew-In retreat...
I am going to crack on with this project... I have some quilting I want to do and some applique to stitch and some bunting I want to make... I think I have too many projects planned for only 5 hours of sewing... Hey Ho... off I go! ha ha ha

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