Monday, 12 December 2016

Sunday Sew In Report.

We had such a lovely stitching day yesterday. Foxt is a little village just outside Cheadle. The Village Hall is quite lovely, cosy and practical with parking a plenty right by the doors. There were ten tables available, you know how machine piecers and quilters need a whole table each don't you!!! So we were few in numbers... 10 tables booked and with one last minute cancellation,  9 had a wonderful day... The problem was the time... it whoooshed by ever so quickly.
We had an amazing lunch, with  a choice of delicious soups made by LouLou with a selection of breads and cheeses and a plethora of sweet things, including Fran's CupCakes, Sheila's mince pies and Annbacan's apple pie with, or without, fresh cream... and it didn't matter where you wanted to put the cream!!! Did I mention that we had entertainment? What happened on our 1st Sunday Sew In, will remain with those who were there .... oh boy did we laugh!
Loulou also had us all entertained with a great selection of Seventies sounds which led to the telling of many stories as memories were stirred... funny, sad and happy... this song reminds me of.... 
Our next Sunday Sew-In will be on Sunday 26th of February, it is fully booked with 20 ladies this time, it's a larger hall, and we have a waiting list already...
You know... It gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling to know that there are so many people agreeing with me... Isn't social sewing fun!!!

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