Wednesday, 29 November 2017

A Rose-y Post Of Stitching News

Rose, very proudly it has to be said, held up her fabulous and finished Foundation Paper Pieced spirally cushion. This project has had Rose reach happy-highs and 'low-fed-ups' but it is now, totally toot toot toot-a-bubble ...

Some of the blocks made by Rose to unintentionally practice her Foundation Paper Piecing technics... nothing need be wasted you see... what a fabulous backing for her cushion... teeny tiny little Log Cabin blocks... just fabulous.

Rose purchased these fabulous fellows as a pattern and kit from our pilgrimage to the Festival Of Quilts in August... and now we are all thinking... 'how did we miss them?' Aren't they Christmassy... and  Fabulous and finished and want-a-bubble!

I said it was a Rose-y post!! With all of those fabulous finishes, it's time to start something new. The pattern was also purchased at Festival Of Quilts and Rose has been itching to make it for all those months... Fabric chosen....

Heat and Bond traced upon then stuck onto the backs of the fabrics and wavy lines, carefully measured following the pattern, cut out and stuck in place... By the time Rose went home the background had been completed and it looks great!

So a few weeks ago we gave a fabulous and finished fanfare for Rose's Hare quilt... it created a lot of  interest. People were inspired! Queen Jacquie was so inspired that she got the pattern and fabrics sorted to make one for her very own self.

 Fran Cupcake's Santa Window... inspiring us all with it's fabulous embellishments...  especially the beautiful beard... Gail want's to make her Santa window all 3D and twinkle-y-bearded too. She had a little bearding practice and the excitement grew!

New Sue has been working on this fabulous festive wall hanging... beautifully stitched and embellished... Quilted too and with binding in place, there's just a little hand stitching needed... I bed we will be tooting this beauty next week. 

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