Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Stitching News

Just Edna finished her Double Wedding Ring Quilt... Hurrr-Aaaahhhh
Toot toot toot-etty-toot-toooooooot. My goodness it's been a marathon for Edna but she never backed down... onward and upward... a bit more upward and a bit more but she climbed it and now we all get to appreciate it. Well done Edna, what an amazing gift it will be.... It is Fab-U-lous! 

Monday Sheila has been commissioned... not your usual creative colours! She wasn't sure how to get started so we played with a few ideas. Then she announced that she actually has to make two quilts. Lets watch this one, I'm curious to see what Sheila will do.

PM Pam couldn't be happier with this quilt top. Sometimes when we finish a top, we say things like... "If I made it again, I would change this"... or "I would do that bit in a different colour" but not for our Pam... she is delighted with everything... me too!

Sister Susie chose her pattern one week. Purchased the Fabrics the next week. Traced the pattern the next week. I think she was putting off getting properly started... Is she happy now? Oh yes... now that it's time to play... Susie is very happy.

Beryl had to put her quilting on hold for a few weeks to play a Florence Nightingale role for a friend. All sorted now... Beryl wasted no time at all on arriving to class and was able to finish the quilting and trim off the crusts. Then  just had enough time to make the binding... We will be tooting this beautiful quilt very soon.

Patricia hand pieces all of her projects... She sews very quickly too. This Jigsaw Piece design was an idea she had sketched out on inchy paper, and yes I sell it... It's called "The Lake District" not the paper, the quilt!.. It really does represent the Lake District, don't you think?

Annbacan is making this quilt for gifting... Lovely. What a very cute little elephant! I hope you can see the embroidered elephants in the corner stones too... Binding next, then tooting.

Toot toot toot time... a fanfare is needed for this fabulous and finished quilt made by Chris... The Faux Piped Binding finishes it off really well.... Now that it's finished it's going to be shipped to Uzbekistan!

Crumb piecing... not just for quilts!
Norma is going to wear hers...
What a great idea.

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