Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Stitching News, With Tooting

Judy popped in to show us her finished, and ever so fabulous, Kimono Wall Hanging quilt. Every fabric very thoughtfully and carefully chosen from my lovely Batik selection. Toot toot toot Judy... all that thinking paid off in the end.
Toot toot toot now for our very own Jean Bean's fabulous, festive finish... not just finished but finished in good time for the very next Christmas that comes along... almost unheard of!! There's no stopping her now... there's even a few miles of very posh bunting done and finished in good time.

Inspired by Susan's 'Angie's Six Pack' lap quilt with it's bright green inner border... Carol chose rich indigo-ish blue for hers... isn't it wonderful to inspire and to be inspired... gosh the blue looks great... I might pinch that idea!  

Just Edna is making great progress with the quilting on her Double Wedding Ring quilt. It's a bit like wrestling an alligator at times, even with her big Janome coming to class, but Edna's going to be so proud to have quilted it all by her very own self.

Monday Sheila made about three and a half thousand stuffed little triangular tree bits in just one day. They will become super festive ornaments for the lucky people who purchase them at the fund raising event.

Princess Jackie added the sashing to this wonderful kiddy gift then went on to add balloon fabric borders... now just how fabulous are all those little, brightly coloured shapes Jackie appliqued to make the quilt individual? I might copy that idea too.

Woop woop, PM Pam raised the Santa Window Wall hanging bar a little higher.... She has quilted his beard with metallic silver thread and it looks ever so good, I hope you can see it from my picture... there are so many ends to tie in though... not pinching that idea! ha.

Now Gail has her turn... All the borders are on and the mitres were perfect... Gail can make a sandwich next week then... how high will the Santa bar go now?
Will there be sequins Gail? oh I almost can't wait!

Gail put Santa away while she considered the next special steps and got out the backing for her beautiful large quilt... Yes, this is the backing... I love it! not quite large enough yet though.. but, luckily, I have the perfect purple fabric to help Gail!

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