Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Stitching News

Monday Sheila surprised her very own self making this quilt.
She really enjoyed 'just' sewing squares together... I say 'just' because  that's what it is... sewing squares together... but when they are ready cut, perfect six inch squares, that's even better. We don't always need a complicated patchwork design, it's fun to go easy/easier sometimes! 

Sheila enjoyed sewing squares together so much that she stitched even more for the quilt backing!! I thought we had sold a lot of the Black and Cream, Angie's Six Packs... looks like Sheila bought them all! The professional quilting was a treat for Sheila too. The quilt is huge and she just couldn't face it... It  just needs binding now

Susan finished her gifting quilt top. The fabrics were chosen to the pattern book's requirements and, as often happens, Susan had enough fabrics left over to make a fabulous backing. It's a very effective design don't you think? Sandwich time.

Princess Jackie spied a perfect opportunity to pin a quick "Elephant" sandwich... Such a beautiful bright and happy quilt. Jackie will need to quilt almost every hour of every day to get it finished on time... nothing new there then! ha 

Norma's Blue and White quilt made with one Angie's Six Pack. Quilted with diagonal lines which looks great... Just the binding to go on now. Norma needs this quilt finished for sewing prevention season... 41 days to go!

Foundation Paper Piecing with tiny little "Logs". Rose purchased the pattern during our Annual Pilgrimage to the Festival Of Quilts this year. It's a very effective design but my goodness Rose has had to use a lot of brain power to get the colours in the right order!

All Day Di's fabulous and finished lap quilt, bordered with Flying Geese. Made using a Charm Pack from Moda's French General collection,... I'm actually thinking there might be two Charm Packs in this lovely gifting quilt Toot toot toooooot... 

Christal had scoured the internet searching for her 'next' project.
She knew which colours she wanted, also knew what size she wanted it to be... That's a good start... some folk don't know that bit! Design chosen, 9-Patches with applique hearts, perfect... fabrics purchased, licketty-split, top all done! fabulous.

Merrily purchased this panel a while ago. I think she said it was from Uttoxeter Quilt Show last year... no, wait... this year, 2017. She had no idea how to quilt it so, I interfered, ha! All those ends to tie off... sorry Merrily! and in Gold metallic thread!!! All worth while now... It's a fabulous, toot toot toot-abubble finish with Faux Pied Binding to boot. 

Jeannette Dilly made the light background block one week and the dark background block the next... She's not quite sure how to proceed from here. Will she make a quilt with the stars on point and therefore needing to make many more, or a table runner... needing one more? or two cushions? We will have to wait to see.

Enid came back!! She broke a bone in her hand... her best hand!!! How very silly! All sewing had to be stopped while it mended but now she's back in training... a little light chatter and walking foot stitching to start off with... boy has she missed us!!
This is Just Edna's job for the next few days... 90 miles of hand stitching for the bias binding edges of her superb, Double Wedding Ring gifting quilt! Ooooh... will she do it in time???

These pictures are from last week... I am trying to catch up, honest!
It's a busy-busy time in my very own, wonderful quilt shop... and life come to that!
In my classroom we are having a ball!!! With all the subjects we cover, the laughter... and tears, the mathemisms and creative planning and cleaning/tidying, sorting and arranging (and fabric ordering!) and generally keeping us all happy... the perfect purple camera gets forgotten about. 
I am not really apologising...really... just stating fact, ha!

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Some lovely things here - especially the peacock panel ☺