Friday, 17 November 2017

Festive Stitching News

PM Pam's Bunting Cushion, all for her very own self...
I'm ever so chuffed that people want to make them.
We're coming up with all sorts of other ideas too. 

New Sue spied enough room for a sandwich making opportunity, as people started to pack up Sue was plotting and planning... but these things have to be done. I'm guessing Sue will be quilting this lovely project at out Sunday Sewing Patchwork Party on Sunday.

Gail will be ready for this very next Christmas, only thirty something days to go... 3 festive stockings, all the same but quite different, only need a few more stitches on their binding to be called 'finished'... and fabulous of course!

All Day Di had a wonderful day planning all the cushions she's going to make. All the different words she can use to "Festivate her cushions"!!! (I know!... a fabulous new word... I made it up you know... ha ha ha) This particular one is shiny and glittery but my camera refuses to share that with you! It's all stitched with silver metallic thread... fabulous

Brenda Duck couldn't help her very own self, she watched Di working away on her festive Bunting cushion, but not for too long... the urge took over and soon she was engrossed making one for her very own self too!
I am absolutely positive that you will be seeing more Festive Bunting Cushions...

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