Thursday, 23 November 2017

Stitching News

Fran Cupcake finished her fabulous and festive Santa Window Wall Hanging. So many people have been inspired by Fran's idea... really, I only have one panel left!  Of course I had to take a closer picture for you, you just have to see the detail...

Shiny snowflakes stitched to the snowflakes. Solid Gold (!!) sequins on his belt buckle and just look at Santa's beard and 'tash... melty-hearty-fab-u-lous. Fran couched Superior Thread's Razzle Dazzle in place but left the ends for tying off at home... but she didn't tie them off, she frayed them, oh my goodness is Fran ever the embellishment queen! Toot toot toot Fran Cupcake.

Susan spied opportunity to make a quick sandwich with her blue Six Pack lap quilt She had had to quilt all day on the other sandwich she'd made to get the pins out for this one... like a quilting production line! 

Now then... It's tooting time for Princess Jackie's marathon make. Baby is due to be joining our world on Friday so there was no time to waste. It's beautiful, bright and totally fabulous and it's finished in good time. Toot toot toot Jackie

No fabrics left over either...
They were all used to make this excellent backing...

PM Pam often looks after her family's pooches. To make sure they have a great time, and their owners don't forget the necessary things, like collars and leads, Pam decided to make Doggie Overnight Bags! How cute is this! It's made with Art Gallery Denim too. Toot toot toot, it's a fabulous finish.

Queen Jacquie was inspired by the thousands of miles worth of festive bunting that Jean Bean has been making and she wanted a few miles of her very own... 20 miles metres of Bias Binding to start with... though it gets called Bunting Tape my most customers.

I'm having a blooming time with my silly purple camera... it keeps playing up. That's why Princess Jackie's pictures are not as clear as my usual standard... I took this picture when I was trying to sort it out and I thought... ooooh, that shop looks inviting! ha... please consider your very own self personally INVITED!!!

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