Tuesday 13 January 2009

Car Quilt Progress

Most of the quilting is done now, I just need to do something with the actual car and wheels.
As I already had the binding made I decided to get it sewn on ready for a night of hand stitching infront of a roaring fire, it has been sooooo cold just lately.
Well, it wasn't the simple task it could have been... I didn't pin it in place, I just went ahead and stitched it.... I had joined lots of colours together and each time I came to a corner it fell on a join... so I had to undo and move the join further away.... if only I had pinned the binding in place first... I could have just moved the binding a little further along...

I know...more haste, less speed!
...anyway, it is on now and I have hand stitched just about a third of it. Two more fireside evenings should see it completed.

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