Sunday 18 January 2009

Quilt Class

This was the first Saturday Class of 2009 at Arco Iris A Metro and we had a full house!
Alexandra has finally finished her play mat. She is very pleased with it and will now make the Rail Fence project because she wants to learn everything, from the beginning.....
she decided to use four strips instead of three, she got them all stitched together and ironed.

Two new ladies, Antonia & Josefina, will hand piece their projects, here they have made their templates and are drawing round them.
A good tip is to put some fine sandpaper under the fabric to keep it steady while you draw.
These are Antonia's fabrics, the block will be an Ohio Star.....
These are Josefina's, she says she can feel her stress leaving her already! ha ha ha, patchwork is the best remedy for the blues!

Cristina, after finding her average strip width, is cutting her Rail Fence blocks. She already owned a mat and a rotary cutter but she normally used a regular ruler...
today she treated herself to a new ruler and was surprised how much easier it is to cut precisely...
Licinia started a new project using old jeans, she spent the class cutting lots of squares from the jeans and some coloured fabrics. Tough work cutting denim!
Lisete (she had a lovely, hand knit, fluffy jumper on, I kept finding myself stroking it,,,, he he he) she was using my favourite sunflower fabric with a green and deep red to complement it.

Last year (a few weeks ago) Suzete was hand piecing a table runner... she has now come over to the other side and decided to try her hand with machine piecing, she did really well....
here are her blocks, they will make a pillow for a special friend.
Ana Maria's Rail Fence, she was worried about the amount of stuff to remember, it seems a lot in the beginning but she was confidently cutting and stitching 1/4" seams in no time at all, this will also be a pillow.

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