Wednesday 28 January 2009

Quilt Class & More

We had 4 ladies at quilt class today plus a few visitors, who popped in to buy fabrics.
This is the begining of a 'jeans circle' quilt made by our Blue Lady, Rosalia. The centre fabrics are pieces of her husband's ties... I wonder if he has noticed?
This also belongs to Rosalia, and is her own design, she has the applique stuck on with steam-a-seam and wanted to know how to hand stitch it. I am hopeless at the start of blanket stitch, I can never figure out how to start, luckily our Blue Lady realised that she knew how to do it ... so she showed me, a duh moment for sure!
I forgot to get other pictures from the class but I promise you the ladies are making good progress and they are thoroughly enjoying this new passion.

I did have other photos from one of the visiting ladies, but she called the shop and asked me not to put them on my blog so, I haven't.

I will tell you about the story "so far" with Sofia's Rubbish Singer sewing machine though.
I managed to contact a chain of people in the UK eventually giving me the number of the boss of Singer in Portugal.
I spoke with him to explain about the poor customer service that Sofia had encountered.
He seems to be a very nice man. He called Sofia to get the full story. He contacted the shop, who, in turn asked Sofia to return her machine to them.
On thursday last week, Sofia did just that. Left the machine there all day. She received a call just after she left the quilt cave the same day. The lady said that there is nothing wrong with the machine, she had been sewing with it all day. They asked that Sofia visit the shop to show them how she threads and uses the Singer Professional, computerised machine.
She went on Saturday morning.... for her "test"
To cut a very long story short. It turns out that this super machine is not suitable for patchwork and quilting, they told Sofia, "it is only for domestic sewing and not for patchwork or quilting" yes this is a quote!!!
How on earth can a Professional Singer Sewing machine costing €2,500.00, 8 years ago, not be suitable for sewing patchwork, nor for quilting.... especially when the machine was sold including a walking foot and a darning foot.
The shop has asked Sofia to collect her machine and told her NOT to take it back again!!!!! I am speechless!!!! and that doesn't happen often.
So Sofia had to call Mr. Carlos Barbosa, head of Singer Portugal, to tell him her story so far. He listened but didn't say anything... he wants to see what the lady in the shop has to say....
Unbelievable isn't it? More when I have it.....................

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