Tuesday 6 January 2009

My Mum's Lace

We haven't seen much of my Mum's lace for a while. My Dad had an operation on his back so Mum had to play nurse for a while. He is doing very well now though and the lace is out again.

This project is going to be a wedding garter. Mum says "I don't have anybody in mind to make it for, I just like the continuous run and once it is set in place it is quite easy to do". (Doesn't look easy to me!)

She is using Tanne 30 thread with a couple of pairs of blue for the hearts at the edge.A piece of elastic covered by ribbon will be threaded through the eyelet holes along the middle, which will also be blue.
It needs to be three card patterns long and at this stage it is about half way.

This is the garter Mum made for me for my 40th birthday, only a few years ago... mine is trimmed with silver thread though. It is quite beautiful, don't you think?

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