Thursday 22 January 2009

Quilt Cave, part1

A full cave today! A horrible windy, rainy, miserable day... it couldn't have been more perfect!!

Ana has been working on her car quilt, all the cars have been appliqued in place so Ana is working on the black and white squares
Ursula was working on the charity quilts with a small team of IWP ladies.... you can just see Regina doing a little shopping.....

Sofia was working on her scrappy bargello project, she is using one of our spare Bernette machines until the horrible Singer is mended.

Ana finally got her square dance project sewn together.... here she is with Sofia who is claiming her part in this quilts' progress, she did sort out the puzzle last week!
.. Ana was fooling around with the frame of the square dance, I don't think she saw me with the camera!
Amalia has been working on this quilt. It needs to finished as soon as possible for a very sick Uncle. Amalia took it home as a sandwhich so she will probably quilt it tonight? I heard on the grapevine that Amalia's son has threatened to take the Aurora foot away to stop his mum from spending so much time sewing.... he he he... he doesn't know that you don't actually need the foot to sew with the Aurora!!!
This is charity quilt top number 4, now that the ladies know what to do they are much faster to make. By the end of the day they had made 4 tops. left to right we have Regina, Sally, Therese & Irene.

Arabela made this baby quilt top, she was very quiet today, working too hard?

This is why Arabela got so much done today, each lady takes her turn to cuddle cute baby Alexia, this is Regina's turn....

Anita finished the centre of her bargello wall hanging... stunning and she only started it last week... the quilt is upside down here.

Today Anita bought in 8 bright coloured fabrics to make what we have all started to call "a windows quilt", she completed one block and has the others all cut ready to piece.

Rita came for her first session today, of course she was making a Rail Fence table runner, ...
.. in fabulous fabrics, as you can see here, she got a lot done today and has said she will come back next time....
another addict??

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