Tuesday 27 January 2009

Quilt Cave

Just three of us worked on the charity quilts in the Quilt Cave, Ursula, Therese and myself.
Ursula found a ziplock bag of fabrics already cut up and joined them to make this quilt top. The striped border fabric was right at the bottom of the box, it was a lucky find as it was perfect for this project.
This will be a log cabin style quilt, these squares and most of the strips were found already cut too. Bad choice of table colour...would have been better in green, he he he
At the end of last Thursday's session, Irene had these blocks set out, she will finish it this week
this was a piece of strata, found in a ziplock bag along with other browns and rusty reds, Therese enjoyed working on it as it is completely different to anything she has ever done. Each block is a different size here but they will have log cabin style strips added to get them all to the same size.

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