Friday, 4 March 2011

Caverswall Quilt Cave

Joan The Shop added a little extra fabric to each of her 'too short' borders taking care to match up the road markings. She also re-did her corner appliques and... just to add to the work load, Joan has decided to add more appliqued words to each border... evidently she's loving the blanket stitch on her new Janome.

Ann joined us to take advantage of the tables. She had a rather large sandwich to make and she had seen my mention, in the last post, that we were expecting to be quiet and took full advantage of having full 5 tables all to her very own self.
Helen was able to make a little sandwich too. She stitched in the ditch of each little segment then round the edges. As you can see, she's now onto the shadow quilting... steady as she goes...
Dotty Maureen is working on the second part of the stitchy project, she's taking it very slowly on this one as she wants to work as a team with Helen, they are figuring out each bit together... tis not an easy project me thinks.

Shirley Lerly got lots done, she added her borders with corner stones, which look fabulous... that thin inner border makes all the dusky orange bits in the main focus fabric pop, pop, pop.... don't you agree? She pieced her backing from a most beautiful Moda fabric too.. we made her sandwich after hours... what devils we are... Barbie also finished her top, backing and sandwich.. also after hours, we need to quilt until 5pm I'm thinking... but then I guess we would still run over!... can you have too much fun? he he he

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