Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Caverswall Quilt Cave

Irene very proudly announced that she had finished the top of her Log Cabin quilt. It's beautiful!!... not sure you see it at it's best in this picture... she's going to use all the left over bits to make a very interesting, pieced backing... it's so big that even reaching as high as they could, Wendy and Irene just couldn't reach high enough to get it all off the floor.
Karen has her new walking foot so she was able to start her quilting, firstly she did shadow quilting following the zig-zag lines, tying off and threading in all the ends as she goes.... she'll do a little 'Ditch Hopping' on the inner border and we're still deciding how's best to do the borders...
Ruth was able to lay her blocks out on three tables, to get a better idea how the whole thing comes together... there's a few 3 1/2" sashing bits to be added too, she's quite happy with how it's finally coming together.

Dotty Maureen's cracking on with this 'Man Quilt', or Quilt For A Man as she calls it. I think I heard her say that it's a lap quilt so it doesn't need to be much bigger... I feel a sandwich coming on for Friday...
Joan the Shop has one last applique car to make then the back can be pieced together. The trophy cup is huge, it will be framed as the centre then the other bits will be added around it, looking fabulous... Joan bought the fabric ready to make another quilt today... she has 5 weeks to finish it.... watch this space!
Margaret had said that she never got time to sew at home... but these cute 3D butterflies got the better of her... she wanted them finished... and finish them she did! As you see here she even got them pieced and ready for borders... this quilt will be a foot runner... that's a table runner for the bed... I'm sure there's a proper name but hey ho... it's a foot runner for now.
Kate is determined to get these blocks finished as she wants to have a new bed quilt for when her room has it's re-vamped, hand work is gorgeous but it is very slow.... today Kate confessed a small part of her "quilts to make" list... and it's growing!
Shirley was adding the side and corner triangles to her blocks, This is a pattern from the Kaffe Fassett book 'Quilts In The Sun'... I was living in Portugal when he was doing the photos for this book... a little useless info for you, he he he

So, all in all... a very busy day, these are a few of the snatched pictures, I don't have good pictures of everything... hey ho... the only way to see everything is to be there for your very own self! ha ha ha come on over?
Seriously.... there was so much going on today in the Quilt Cave... it looked a bit like a sweat shop at times, he he he. There are lots of projects at the 'getting big' stage.. good job we have plenty of tables to hand...

We meet again on Friday 25th but we're not expecting it to be quite as busy... 10am - 3pm, as usual.

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