Thursday, 17 March 2011

Caverswall Quilt Cave

Ruth finished her blocks, woooohoooo! She trimmed then all up, (I mean she trimmed them all down don't I?) to be 8" each, which took quite a while as there are 48 of them... then she started the process of adding the black, 1" sashing strips and joining the centre sections which need 4 blocks for each bit...
Here, Maid Marion is giving herself a few guide marks, she's doing the quilting free hand but it does help to have a few marks to aim for to help get the curves even... we were doing points and bellies... you'll see what they are next time Marion comes to play.
These are the back and front pieces for Arty Janet 's cushion... a clever idea really.. if your cushion has two wonderful designs on both sides, you'll never have to worry that your cushions are the wrong way round... I had never thought of it that way.... these will be made into sandwiches and quilted. There will be a zip needed..... oooooer...
Foxy Margaret added the final borders to her quilt top, with corner stones which looked great. She then had to piece her backing fabrics with 3 seams and she's ready to make a sandwich next week. She's going to make a scrappy quilt for her next project... a multi fabric quilt if you like, he he he
My Mum (Gwynneth) treated herself to a pack of these binding clips from the Table Top Shop,... used something VERY similar in my hair at school a loooooong time ago... These clips are extreeeemely useful.... when the binding is pinned in place ready for hand stitching, the whole thing has similarities to that of the very prickly Porcupine... and I have had some nasty scratches in some rather feminine places, (bet you know what I mean... he he he) from the pins in binding... They're great for holding sets of blocks together too, and strips and piles of triangles.. all kinds of little fabric piles... like I said..... they're very, very useful!
Irene has finished the main part of her quilt. She trimmed all the edges, just to tidy it up by taking off the dog ears and little pieces of excess thread really, then she added the blue floral fabric for the inner border and prepared for the large red floral 6" border that will follow... looking good eh!
Karen added her final borders and corner stones, prepared a backing fabric and was able to make her first ever sandwich... now she knows why a quilter will need painter's masking tape... twas a mystery you see... Karen and Arty Janet will be purchasing walking feet this weekend, ready for a little "Ditch Hoping".
Wendy spent the best part of the day doing wonderful free motion quilting on her Kaleidoscope quilt. She's made a lovely job of it and even tied off all the ends as she made them.. well... there aren't so many with an all over design really... she then trimmed it up and proudly announced that she would be finishing the quilt this very same day... she has such a list of 'Gotta make it' quilts.... do you?
Dotty Maureen, I know you're not going to believe me... has started, yet another, project. She got a little confused trying to work out the order of the strips, Gilly was summoned to help out and the two of them eventually had it sorted.
This is the pattern in one of Dotty's many books.... it looks very similar to the Convergence quilts in a book I have at home.... Dotty wasn't too inspired whilst making the strata... "just a lot of long, straight lines" she said... oh but it will all be worth it.... I think the book is called Quilts For Men?

We meet again Friday 18th March, (that's tomorrow if you're reading this today! ha ha ha) 10 am t0 3pm, Kettle Corner will be happy to have you pop in for a cuppa... should you find time to come shopping in the Table Top Shop, wadding on the side.

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