Thursday, 31 March 2011

Caverswall Quilt Cave

Foxy Margaret started the day with a quilt sandwich. She was going to quilt this one herself but, after pinning it, she decided it's too big for 'a beginner'... of course she's not at all a beginner and it's no way too big... but, she is one of our PMS quilters and she is practicing our motto... 'Pleasing My Self' ... Helen's going to quilt it for her once her Uni. exams are done with.
Arty Beryl loves the oriental fabrics and gushes with enthusiasm as she plays with them... here, she is playing with block placements, she doesn't want the flowers looking too lined up... more PMS... he he he.. Beryl likes to work an several projects at the same time, as do many quilter.
Lacey Ann sits at her workplace like a little owl.... I'm sure she can spin her head all the way round... if she hears someone discussing their project she has to watch... no matter how many times she twists and turns round... she sees everything and every one inspires her to make something else... She's working with a Jelly Roll pattern at the moment... without a Jelly Roll... woooohooo it is only 2 1/2" strips and squares after all.
Joan The Shop has set the Formula One quilt on one side for a week or so, she is doing a quilt marathon... She's making a surprise gift for a special family member and it needs to be completed before the end of April.... so far she's making good time... she's promised that there will be no last minute applique on this one.. he he he. Come on Joan... we're all rooting for a finish on time!
Helen asked me to thank everyone who sent her a block towards her fund raising efforts. She has decided that she'll probably make two quilts with them so as to keep the size under control.. a very clever plan! She would like to say a huge, HUGE thank you for the blocks...

We meet again tomorrow, Friday 1st April, 10am - 3pm... Kettle Corner loves visitors and there are more new fabrics to play with in the Table Top Shop, wadding on the side.

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