Sunday, 13 March 2011

Gilly's Curtain Quilt

As promised, here's a closer picture of Gilly's "The Curtain Quilt" ... sometimes a name sticks with a project right through the making process, it was made from a pair of curtains.... "The Curtain Quilt" perfect... All the information is right there on the label (sorry about the little bit of blurring, but you can still read it) so I need add nothing... well, I would like to add a little bit... she hasn't mentioned that every single piece was 'fussy cut' to get exactly the right shade of the flowers.... if you click on it and zoom in you will be able to see that... In actual fact that is the main reason it took Gilly a longer time to make this lovely quilt than she actually wanted it to... that and her insisting on treating herself to a few hours of sleep! ha ha ha... I can tell you that she fell asleep many times in the madrugada (wee small hours) whilst stitching... like the babies who fall asleep eating their dinner... he he he


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