Friday, 1 April 2011

Caverswall Quilt Cave

As you can see, Joan The Shop hasn't wasted a single minute... all the leaf blocks are done and she's started to add the Log Cabin borders.. only to two sides of the block though... time to concentrate.. she has said that there will be ONE applique caterpillar on this quilt... ooooooooooo, here we go again!

Barbie cut out all of the 2" strips for her second Log Cabin Quilt then proceeded to make up one practice block... she numbered each fabric and will use this block as her pattern.. clever lady!

Chris The Foot (so called because she had a foot operation a few weeks ago and is still hobbling round) anyway... it was great to have her back with us again. She has fallen very much behind with her deadlines, this Split 4-Patch quilt needs to be finished, a baby quilt has 4 weeks to completion... not yet started... and the wedding quilt, that did have a year to completion, now only has 4 months... a marathon time ahead for Chris The Foot

Gilly has her joining blocks all done now. in between these will be Snowball blocks.. in theory there should be a ribbon effect running through the design... we'll have to wait with crossed fingers to see whether our calculations worked.....

Dotty Maureen only needs to stitch down the binding on this 'Man' quilt. To quilt it she has stitched in the ditch (ditch-hopping to those in 'the know') of every seam which made each segment a little bit phooophy.. it looks great....

and this is the back... Maureen bought exact fabric requirements for the front, as stated in the book.. the back is made only from the fabrics left over from the books' recommendation... that happens a lot though.. could be why we have a stash in the first place?? naaaah I know we buy for the stash... don't try kidding yourself... ha ha ha

Brenda Barbara added the borders to her tiny quilts (Place mats), we chose to put a white inner border because it looked great with all the little sheep. She then used up all the left over fabrics to make interesting backings and went home with two lovely little quilt sandwiches.

We meet again Wednesday 6th April, 10am to 3pm at Caverswall Village Hall. See ya there?

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