Sunday, 24 April 2011

Quilting With Juki TL-98 P

I LOVE IT!!! The Juki TL-98 P Perfection.... Once you get used to the foot control, which in turn gives you control of the speed of this stitching beast, it's just a dream to quilt with. It is creamy smooth and solid, just like Bernina except that the 'hole' is much higher and a good bit wider. It makes real sewing machine noises too... no computer here, it's fun, fun, fun.
You have to put the bobbin in sideways... this is an industrial machine you see.. and the needle is threaded left to right, which took a while to get used to... but these are teething troubles, I'm over them now... I've finished quilting Mum's 10 Minute Block quilt and am very pleased with the result, especially the borders (though I am not sure that you can see the stitching too well in this picture) I would have happily quilted it on my Bernina, of course, I love my Aurora baby, and it would have been just as brilliant, even if I do say so myself! ha ha but it was fun to play with this new addition to my Table Top Shop... Wadding on the side!!!
If you would like to play with it... quilt a quilt on it if you like... it will be at Caverswall Quilt Cave for any time you need it... for a while... just email me or call me and I will set it up for you.... happily! I also have the new Juki Exceed... but there'll be more on that later.


Maggi said...

I double clicked and got a close up view. Lovely. Are you going to hand applique those little cathedral window thingys?

Joanna said...

Can you do queen sized quilts on this machine?