Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Caverswall Quilt Cave

Irene finished her pieced backing so we taped it down and made a huge sandwich... hundreds of pins to keep everything good and firm during the quilting process... Irene is sending this quilt away to be quilted... it is a big one though and can play havoc with a dickie back or shoulders..
Arty Beryl is working on three projects at the same time. She spied a few free tables and took advantage of the opportunity to spread out her blocks, spin them, move them and swap them around, several times until she got them just right....
Self named 'Krafty Karen' continued to play with her lovely animal prints and bug fabrics. A few more blocks were stitched today and lots more combinations were decided... she took lots of homework and was chuffed about it!.. not a bit like homework from school though is it!

Chris The Foot should have had a new grand baby by now... but he is refusing to come out... just as well because Nana needs a few more days to finish his quilt, he he he... they say babies can hear everything from the inside ... so it is possible that he's heard Chris saying his quilt isn't finished.. do you think? This one only needs a few quilted hearts in the triangles... one more day?
This is Dotty Maureen's project, I think you will agree, that it is fair to say, it is now MASSIVE.. exactly what she was aiming for. Considering this started out as a hand quilted wall hanging... I think she has done a brilliant job of incorporating the new fabrics... all those lovely chocolatey browns and creamy creams...

There were lots of other ladies today, silly me didn't take enough pictures of the wonderful projects though. Barbie made a sandwich with her Blue Log Cabin blocks, Jenny cut all her pieces ready to do Quilt-as-You-Go on her charity donation quilt. Vera came to hand stitch a few more blocks together. Maggie was playing with her pieced backing. Arty Janet continued to be arty and made several small sandwiches ready to quilt next time.... Is that everyone?... oh I should confess... I cut the end off my finger with my fabric scissors... left hand so not too bad, no washing dishes for me for the next few days... what a shame! wonder what else I could do?

PLEASE remember that we will not be meeting on Friday this week.
We meet again on Wednesday 4th May, 10am - 3pm.

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