Monday, 18 April 2011

Uttoxeter Quilt Show

This gorgeous quilt won the "Visitors Choice" and what a lovely lady the maker was!.... She was thrilled with her new sewing machine... the one she won as a prize... makes you want to enter a quilt next year doesn't it? This is the Artie Fartie quilt that I was telling you about, aren't the colours just wonderful, it's embelished with stitching and sheer netting stuff.. very clever and very lovely.... I spent ages looking at this one... Well, that's it for another year.... our most local-est quilt show is all done and dusted. It was fabulous, inspiring and fun. Quilters are, in the main, such lovely people.. of course there will always be the odd one or two!! he he I took only a few pictures.. usually, almost every quilt show actually, I take loads of pictures only to place them in a folder on my computer... probably only to open it once in a while.. this time I took pictures of a few favourites... the ones I kept going back to have another few minutes studying... and a few... ooooooh, I would like to make that or 'I bet one of my lovely ladies would like to make one like that' quilts ... some people don't like it when people do that, make one like theirs I mean... I actually think it is a wonderful complement to have someone want to make a quilt 'just like yours' This lovely, big bed was machine pieced and hand quilted... beautiful hand quilting I have to say... not that I am an expert, not at all but I know what I like... I was well impressed. The colours were fabulous, the designs were inspiring, the chatting was fun, the atmosphere was brilliant... I could go on... but I won't. Uttoxeter Race Course catering was great too... cups of tea and coffee were only £1.20... I know that sounds a lot but your average hot beverage price is well over £2 normally, the cakes were to die for and the food was praised all round, catering at quilt shows so often is very expensive and not always good quality... I would like to say... "Hats off to the catering company!"


beth said...

Thanks for sharing the quilt show! Lovely.

Maggi said...

It certainly deserved the Visitors' Choice award and I know why you liked the arty farty one so much, it was so well done.