Sunday, 17 April 2011

Uttoxeter Quilt Show

I spent yesterday being very useful at the Uttoxeter Quilt & Embroidery Show. It wasn't my day for playing 'Angel' so I was a spare part, he he he... I covered for folks needing a 'moment', played shop for an hour or so while the owner presented her workshop, I chatted, greeted, giggled, pointed in the right direction and advised.... I told you I had been useful! Today I will don my white gloves, polish my halo and be a real and proper "Angel".. I never understood why my Mum (Gwynneth) decided to put the 'a' at the end of my name you know.... "Angel a"... see what I mean?
This picture is just a corner of a great quilt... it might be getting my Vote for the visitors choice... I am torn between three quilts. Only two of them are traditional, I do want to vote for a traditional pieced quilt... but there's a lovely one in the Artie Fartie bit.... I shall go back to visit them and decide later.

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Maggi said...

Your halo was shining beautifully. Meant to say thanks for the heads up about the needle threaders - I found them and purchased. A very enjoyable show once again.