Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Caverswall Quilt Cave

Arty Beryl is making the most wonderful blocks... the kind you look at for ages and keep finding lots of different things to please the eye... both eyes actually, he he he. She embellishes each with the most beautiful stitchy free style patterns... Beryl could call this her "ooooh aaaah quilt" ... we would understand it perfectly!
Dotty Maureen has added two of her coping strips and Half Square Triangle borders... she's going to add enough borders to get this project big enough to cover a double bed... so, a few borders to go yet....
Foxy Margaret is as thrilled with her bag this week as she was last week... only this time it is finished.. woooohooo. She thanked Dotty very much for all of her tuition... and started to cut some more fabric... to make another bag, the same... but different!
Chris The Foot was shadow quilting inside each of the Railfence Zig-Zags. She's changing threads from yellow to blue... it's a little extra work but it will be worth it when she sees the end result, I promise!
Arty Janet, cut it... stitch it... slash it, add a bit, stitch a bit, cut a few angles... ponder a bit... add a bit.... stand back and look for a bit.... these artistic ladies are fun to watch... making it up as they go along... you can almost hear the ticking and whirring of the brain... fun, fun, fun...
Joan The Shop made her leaf quilt sandwich, with help from her chums that is... see this Caterpillar? she added this one tiny applique just to please us, isn't he cute! Joan is off to France tonight, she's taking her sewing machine in the hopes of some spare stitchy time... hoping to bring the quilt home finished... Good Luck Joan!
Karen finished her quilting, trimmed the edges and made binding. She's very impressed with the whole process, corners included... there's a Tutorial for turning corners in my right side bar... take a peek if you like, joining the ends of the binding is quite clever too... also a tutorial...
Shirley Lerly, back from the sunshine, got back down to work... all the fiddly bits are done now so it's time to join them all together, a sandwich is just around the corner....

Ruth needed to take a break from her stained glass quilt... it's driving her nuts.. so she says. Time to start another project. This one will be in country colours and will be the same design as My Mum's.. the blue and white one that turned out beautifully recently.
We had a new lady join us... Vera. She made these blocks a long time ago and would like to make them into a quilt. These are all hand pieced and there are some tiny pieces... just lovely. It's a little tricky figuring how to put them together.. but we can do it, in time.
Thanks to Gilly, we have photos... I didn't even see my camera today let alone take pictures to share with you.... it was a very hectic day... the PAT testing man came, which upset the apple cart... as we say, (but why do we say that? surely it should be a fabric cart?)... but, we survived it, we are all good and legal for a whole year... what a palava!
We meet again on Friday, 15th April. 10am - 3pm and we will be very happy to have you come join us.. should you wish to... We have 25 new bolts of fabric and we always have 3 different Waddings to choose from... they are 'on the side' of the Table Top Shop.

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