Saturday, 16 April 2011

Caverswall Quilt Cave

We had a great day, as usual... very busy, lots of chattering, the atmosphere was really wonderful and happy. Some ladies have contacted me since to say they noticed a little extra buzz too, must be Spring Fever... hey ho, can't have too much fun now can we! Maid Marion brought in the most delicious fruity cake to celebrate her birthday, yummy. Now then.... Barbie's centre is finished so she was working on her Saw Tooth border blocks. She has been given a new machine and she's chuffed to bits with it!
Annie Pie fussy cut her corner stones to get one of the lovely rose designs in the middle of each one... well worth the effort don't you think, with the red fabric in the sashing... another stunning quilt by Annie!
Brenda Barbara brought in her finished beach bag, the one she made for her daughter... she made these to verrrry cute little ones for the grandchildren too... ahhhhhhhhhh how cute.. remember to look out for them on the beaches! Brenda started a new project.. a farm scene wall hanging... it's looking great.. picture of that next time.
Dotty Maureen is working on her next set of border blocks... these are a variation on the Split 4 Patch that a few of the ladies made... they get split diagonally too, a very interesting effect...
Gilly works in a very methodical way... each Snowball block has it's little corner squares attached with the very useful, binding clips... they were all stitched on by the end of the day and Gilly went home with homework of trimming off the extra bits.
Lizi joined us too... it's great when your days off fall on a quilty fun day!!! She continued to work on her patchwork cushion and was able to complete the top. next time she can make the back bits and get them all quilted, this cushion will be nothing short of luxurious.
Kate didn't want me to show you that she continues to work on her hand stitched blocks... she seems to think you will be tired of seeing how long it is taking her to complete them.... I disagree... I think it's good to know that we all have different lives and some things just take a lot longer than others.... lets call it.. "real life" .. ha ha ha... there are no rules about how long projects are allowed to take to complete!
Margaret is happy to be almost done with her butterfly quilt top... there was something missing though... she pondered over many things and ideas... all she needed though, was to make the ends finish with an angle rather than a blunt line.... decission made and all was back on track... she's ready for a sandwich for next time.
Mum made a sandwich with her 10 minute block quilt, Dotty came over to help her so it was done very quickly... I'm going to quilt this with a large meander... jig-saw style.. I love doing that! Music on full volume.... aha... now to find a minute or two.....
Chris The Foot finished quilting her blue and white Railfence baby quilt and wanted to start quilting this one... we pulled out spare tables and set about sandwiching, Dotty helped there too. She will be a pinning champion at this rate! So, Chris has quilting homework.. this baby will be with us very soon...
Shirley added the borders to the panels of her project... here's one panel complete, absolutely fabulous... she's very pleased with how it's coming together... how could she not be... tis gorgeous! We meet again next Wednesday 20th & Friday 22nd April, 10am - 3pm for more quilty fun, fun, fun. I'm sure you will agree that the ladies are all producing the most wonderful quilts. Most of the ladies in this group haven't even been quilting for a year yet... I am very proud of them... and they are all really lovely to work with!

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nice work ladies! as usual!