Saturday, 9 April 2011

Caverswall Quilt Cave

Chris The Foot added 3 borders. With a tiny 1/4" border (yellow in this picture) it's often easier, and more accurate, to cut a 1" strip, stitch it to your project, press it well, then trim it down to be only 1/2" wide.... this helps get a very even mini strip when you sew on the next border. It does waste a 1/4" strip of fabric but the end result is very much worth it.... Chris went home with a new sandwich ready to be quilted....
Brenda Barbara finished quilting both of her kiddy place mats... she tidied up all of the loose ends.. by tying them off and threading them through into the batting layer , sorry... wadding I mean... she made the binding too, so these little cuties will be finished very soon...Brenda will be using applique for her next quilt... look out Joan The Shop... competition?
Maid Marion, very proudly, showed her finished quilt. It's wonderful to have ladies who feel 'over the moon' (what a funny thing we say.. where is that anyway?!) with her finished project.
She's just thrilled with her own quilting too... which makes me have a huge smile. If you click on the picture, you should be able to zoom in to see what I mean... the quilting is fabulous... no more UFO's.. Marion is on a quilting roll!! ha ha ha
Dotty Maureen found this project in the depths of her home.. she says she started it about 3 or 4 years ago and didn't finish it because she didn't know how to... The mitred corners hadn't worked as well as she had wanted them to etc... so... she undid each one.. we leveled them up, sprayed a little starch and proceeded to get them all sorted out... they were peeeerrrrfect! More borders can now be successfully added until the quilt is the size she wants it to be.
Here's my Mum's (Gwynneth's) "10 Minute Block" quilt... she added this lovely rich red inner border... twas going to be in the gold fabric originally but the red turned out to be a perfect addition instead....She made all the piano keys yesterday so this one will be a sandwich very soon....

We meet again on Wednesday 13th April... 10am - 3pm... PLEASE remember to spread the word that we have a guy coming to Caverswall Village Hall at mid-day to PAT test any electrical equipment... sewing machines, extension cables, irons etc... Please fell free to come along with your machines and things EVEN if you are not wanting to stay or ever return to the hall... this is a legal requirement these days so lets stay safe. Each item will cost £2.00 .. and it's soooo convenient! Have a cuppa tea or coffee and a natter while you have your electrics tested... email me if you like...

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