Friday 8 February 2013

Caverswall Quilt Cave

It was fun to see what the ladies have been up to over the break. There was only the one new hairdo and I didn't notice any shiny new shoes... to be fair... I wasn't looking at feet, there were too many projects to be seen.
Jean Bean had joined her backing fabrics for the massive Log Cabin Quilt just in time to be first ready to use loads of tables and make her sandwich. One of the best things about Our Quilt Cave is when someone is making a sandwich... there's usually someone willing to help pin.
This is Irene's sandwich, again more hands making lighter work of the job... that's My Mum Gwynneth lying across the top there... us 'taller ladies' always get chosen to reach the centre... the 'Little Ladies' can't reach!
Wendy has had her very own production line running for weeks now... She's been wanting to make this Lone Star design for ages and it was all traditionally pieced... just a few Y seams and it will be finished.

Another of Wendy's projects, this time, paper piecing. I'm not sure whether she used a New York Beauty design but it looks like one, do you think? I will ask Wendy later.
Lacey Ann  has a quilt top finished and wanted to add a special border. She's invented Semolina Patchwork! What a clever lady...
Helen's Jelly Roll project, not the whole thing... this is about one quarter of it. Two Jelly Rolls will make a very good size quilt. Helen's very own, book and pattern free, design and it's all Dotty Maureen's fault, apparently... it's pieces and it's got triangles... Helen's not fond of hates piecing triangles. She's making this quilt to be gifted, I'm thinking it's going to be hard to part with.

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