Thursday 28 February 2013

The Drinking Quilt

Sometimes a finished quilt will be much too big for us to get a good picture of it inside my very own quilt shop... Jean Bean's is one of the lucky quilts that was finished and ready for a Toot toot toot fanfare on a beautiful sunny day, so we were able to take it outside
My disabled access ramp comes in very handy for just such an occasion doesn't it.
I present to you "Jean Bean's Drinking Quilt"... Why "Drinking Quilt"? Click on the picture and you will see that one side of each Log Cabin block has rows of beautifully colourful bottles...  
Jean had an idea to make a rather girly and quite pinky-pink quilt for her daughter, but when lovely daughter arrived to choose her fabrics... she spied the bottle fabric and declared how much fun it would be to have a 'Drinking Quilt'... so the plan was made... each bottle repeat cut needed to measure 2 3/4" so that gave Jean her strip and, of course, her block size... large Log Cabin blocks go together really quickly. Toot toot toot Jean Bean, tis really rather splendid.

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