Friday 22 February 2013

Stitching News

Annette came for a beginner class last week, booked for half a day... stayed a full day!  Before a week was up she came back for more... Welcome to the "dark side" Annette... it's fun over here!!! She took her Railfence table runner home sandwiched and ready to quilt.
Wendy, even though she has a tall pile of quilts waiting to be quilted at home, has started another project, sumptuous fabrics don't you think? I wonder where they were purchased?
This may very well look like Helen's table from last week but there's been loads of  chain stitching happening so most of this is stitched together... Helen had completed most of the blocks by home time.
Chris The Foot is working her way through all the blocks needed for this quilt. She has to be very careful as the fabrics all have a directional print and need to be the right way up. Lots of the ladies have this Clarice Cliffe fabric so they're eagerly waiting to see what Chris's quilt looks like finished.
Irene's twinkly quilt... there's shiny glitter all over the fabrics making it very eye catching. Irene's going to be adding another border or two before it's sandwiched.
An Anniversary Bunting Flag made by Chatty Cathy. We have a little money pig in the kitchen at my very own quilt shop, 50 pence for a hot drink... what a brilliant idea for a flag... no prizes for guessing that Cathy is a retired accountant!! ha ha ha
Foxy Margaret made an Anniversary Bunting flag too, shiny silver bias binding makes it very eye catching.
Sheila came to play too... she's finished her very posh luggage labels/tags and has one in training hooked to her sewing machine trolley bag... I'm guessing we will be seeing more trolley bags with posh tags in the future... 

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