Tuesday 19 February 2013

Stitching News

PM Pam, Our Cushion Queen, finished her Spinning Springtime Workshop quilt.... I know it's Christmas fabrics...  really, there's nothing like being prepared. A trumpet tooting fanfare is well deserved... this is such a fun quilt to make.   
Lady Judith finished her  Spinning Workshop quilt quilting and added red binding. There's a bit of hand sewing to do for the back of the binding but it can be done at home... Judith had other stitching to do in class.
Jean Bean stitches for miles before reaching a corner...
She finished the centre quilting so was able to 'stitch in the ditch' of her inner borders...
I think Jean only just realised how long her quilt sides actually are!
Ann decided to make a huge table topper quilt with her left over fabrics... buying way too much fabric on purpose is always a good plan!
This is one of 4 x 12" blocks that Ann needs for the main part. 
PM Pam is chuffed to bits with her new found crafty skills... a small version of the Mat And Ruler Bag tutorial could be used for a tiny mat... or a Kindle or... an IPad... and why not?
This quilt top belongs to a customer who pops in from time to time from waaaay down south... isn't it beautiful?! It's an Australian design and the pattern was purchased at the NEC quilt show last year.
The fabrics are all from My Very Own Quilt Shop... did I mention my quilt shop?? he he he
Jean Bean enjoys making little Post Cards... they are very much fun to make, send and to receive... We had a few Post Card swaps over the years but not for quite a while now... maybe it's time for another?

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Maggi said...

Lots of lovely thing here. I really like the way that the 2 spinning quilts look so different just with a change of fabric .The kindle cover is very jazzy and the Australian quilt is beautiful. Love Jean's postcard.