Saturday, 16 February 2013

Lots Of Stitching News

My Mum Gwynneth has always been fascinated with patchwork  that gives the illusion  of 3D. Even before she was a quilter when she went to quilt shows just to keep me company. These blocks are tricky to piece, much accuracy is needed and the placement of each fabric is crucial to make the design work... but she's sticking with them.
Helen decided to 'kit up' all of her blocks before she does any stitching. Cutting out is not her favourite thing to do so she wanted to get it over and done with. She's actually not much in love with piecing either but copes better when she can chain piece... Quilting is Helen's most favourite part of the process.
Wendy was given a Jelly Roll when she subscribed to one of the  British magazines last year and the centre of this project was made from it. Wendy has continued to make scrappy Hour Glass blocks and Wonky Stars since finishing the centre... now it's time to bring it all together... I know 'scrappy' and wonky' are not to everyone's taste... but I love it!
Just Edna came to play at Caverswall Quilt Cave, she wants to finish her stunning Kaleidoscope Stack-n-Whack quilt before Caravanning Season starts... very soon now... Edna's blocks are all pieced and, after a little trimming, she can start to sash them together.
Teeny-tiny Hexagons made by Sheila. That's a British twenty pence piece on the left and a five pence piece on the right... I thought it would help you to see just how tiny-teeny the hexagons are.
They will be made into an extreeeeemly posh luggage tag for Sheila's cruise... turns out, after my last post about Sheila's luggage tags, that there are quite a few local lasses going on the same ship... 'twill be a hoot!... I wonder... Will Sheila's luggage tags be the poshest??
Annette came to learn 'how to' so she's making a Rail fence Table Runner. She chose these rather beautiful Moda French General fabrics, I have quite a lot of them on My Very Own Shop... here Annette was auditioning a few border fabrics, she did actually choose the ones you see.
Barbie has been piecing night and day to get this quilt made. Lots of small Pin-Wheels for the centre with a wide border of appliqué vines and flowers... the borders still need their appliqué to be stitched but... because Barbie was able to use PMS... Pleasing My Self... we sandwiched the whole, unfinished lot... Barbie machine quilted the centre with diagonal lines... now she will stitch 24-6 to get the appliqué, establishment flowers and  border quilting and binding finished for Friday this week!! 24 hours a day for 6 days... who needs sleep anyway! lets see if she does it, My fingers are crossed Barbie!
Chris The Foot finished her Bed Scarf a few weeks ago but  this was her first chance to make the sandwich... it's a lot bigger than it looks in this picture. Chris made the centre from two Charm Packs of Independence Trail fabric from Moda.
Wendy sandwiched her fabulous Lone Star quilt. She did decide not to make into a square quilt, as you can see... sometimes not reading a pattern properly can pay off! It is surely a great quilt to make as a table topper for a round table isn't it?

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