Friday, 20 November 2009

A Busy Week

We've been decorating this house since July when we arrived. This week saw the end of another bedroom, thank goodness! A very important bedroom really, the one we will use for any visitors.... like my kids! Now I can finally, hopefully, unpack the last of our boxes. I feel like we have been playing 'solitaire' with them for months now.
Dave has been putting shelving in the wardrobe of my slightly bigger sewing room so I can start moving my stash AGAIN..., I must be on my way to having the most moved fabric stash ever!

I have managed to continue with my crocheting though... it is soooo portable I have taken to carrying it in my bag so I can do a bit whenever time allows me to. I know it probably shouldn't be as wavy as it looks in this picture, but, as I'm learning, my tension has been bit uneven, I think I have it sorted now though... for this picture I draped it over a pan, I was trying to make it look like the start of a bag... can you see it will be a bag? I do forgive you if your answer is 'no'.. he he he
I'm off to Harrogate with my Mum tomorrow, we didn't manage to get another coach going so we have hired a chauffeur.... the cost? a packed lunch including chocolate... his name? Dave! he he he!!

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