Sunday 15 November 2009


Yesterday the knitting ladies met again at the Museum in Hanley. We have been given money by the council (at least, I think it is from the council) to use to encourage people to enjoy crafts using wool. The lady running the group bought 2 weaving looms and is now looking for a teacher to show us how to use them, that should be very interesting.... well, I'm interested, he he
This is the quilt being made by the group as a tribute to Wedgwood, apparently it is 250 years old this year. It will have a backing fabric and it will be quilted, hopefully, in time for a grand unveiling next Saturday. I shall miss that though because I am going to Harrogate Knitting and Stitching show... I still don't know how I am getting there, but I am going, for sure!
When the exhibition finishes in Hanley Museum, Wedgwood have shown interest in having the quilt on display in Barlaston... this information made the ladies very happy!

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Maggi said...

Good to see that wool related crafts are being supported. Janet at the Threshing Barn just outside Leek teaches all sorts of weaving and wool related crafts. She is very good and I believe she will visit groups. I did a peg loom class with her last Sunday and it was great.