Saturday 28 November 2009

Workshop With Ineke Berlyn

It took Maureen and I two hours to get to Bromsgrove Rugby Club for our workshop. There were 11 of us, some ladies were working on different projects but they all involved Ineke's Landscapes.
This lady had started her landscape in previous workshop and was adding some of the applique embellishment using something like Heat & Bond, I didn't see exactly..... Later in the day she had Ineke help her with some silk screen printing.
This lady was very interested in our Aurora machines but for the day was very pleased with her mini, mini Janome sewing machine... it looked like a toy one actually....
This lady has done many workshops with Ineke and has decided to learn how to make up her own designs. This is the start of her first solo project and is based on a poem, I forget now what it was..... During the workshop she mastered piecing curves.
This lady had also done the workshop before so she was happily hand stitching her beautiful landscape...
This is a closer picture of the centre with the lovely houses, they get appliqued on after all the paper piecing for the background.
This is a closer picture of some of the houses on Ineke's quilts, so you can see in the picture above, the lady had designed her own lovely houses with the chimneys and the cutest windows.... I really like what she did with them.....

You must have guessed by now that I didn't catch any of the ladies' names... he he he... this was another lady's project at the end of the workshop, I don't know how she managed to get so much done AND this was her first ever project..... phew, she did have an Aurora baby to help her though, he he he
As did Maureen... I took an Aurora baby for her to play with. She is saving up to buy one of her own,,,, he he he. Maureen added a pencil border to her landscape, it helps make the colours pop out from the centre, don't you think?
I haven't unpacked my bag yet so there isn't a photo of my project..... These landscapes are made using paper-piecing, not my favourite pastime I have to admit. Maureen says I spend too much time chatting and that's why I didn't get much of my background done.... I didn't have the right fabric colours for the landscape I chose, I needed all shades of brown which I hadn't taken, so now that I'm home I will go rooting through my stash to get this project done... but not today. I've been on three long day trips this week... the cleaning and laundry elves must be on holiday... so guess what ..... lots of catching up chores for me!... maybe on Sunday... I might sew a little?

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Maggi said...

Sounds like you had an enjoyable day. Her work was very interesting when she came to Stone - assume you were there.