Monday 30 November 2009

New Sewing Quarters x 4

So this time I really do speak of my new sewing quarters, and there are 4 of them.... This is the cutting quarter. I used to have plastic boxes full of cotton fabric under this (now trimmed) table, but now I have enough alternative storage so I can use this area for other things. That stool you see was my dad's... it is sooo comfortable to sit on, I wonder if it is mine now... hmmmm... Is it Daddy? 

This is the sewing quarter.... where I will do my stitching! The desk you see to the left is not going to stay in the room.  Once it goes to it's new home I will have another table made with a hole in it that is the right depth for my Aurora baby, at the moment I am using my Bernina 153, no problem as I love it! This is a storage quarter... it was the wardrobe when the room was used for sleeping in. The shelves are made out of the doors of another wardrobe which we knocked out... good recycling eh! Don't those fabrics look wonderful, I don't know whether I will be able to keep it all as tidy..... This quarter has this fab cupboard that I bought from Ikea... I am proud to say I built all by my very self, I did mention that in an earlier post....and even with it full, full, full of all these beautifully folded pieces of wonderful, inspiring, colourful fabrics, it is still feeling and looking quite solid.... After making only one postcard ... it looked like this! oh dear, I have some fun fabric to make curtains with.... I need to get my design walls ( yes plural!) put up and maybe some shelving if I end up needing it, I am trying not to need it so I can cover my walls more creatively....... Do you like it so far?


Jackie's Stitches said...

I'm hoping to travel to Ikea this weekend to get some furniture for my sewing space. So many decisions! I was glad to see your space - your storage is fantastic!

Birte said...

Hi Angie
Fantastic sewing room. Wish I had such a nice "big" one . The Ikea cupboard is fantastic. Maybee I have room for one. Thanks for the idea.
Love Birte