Tuesday 3 November 2009

Uttoxeter Quilt Class

There was a lot of progress and giggling today. The ladies have met a few times now and I am confident that the group will continue, they have 'gelled' perfectly and seem to be enjoying each others company... a good thing!!

Maureen started us off with her show and tell... This quilt, when it's finished, will be sent out to the forces. Maureen made it from a Jelly Roll. She vowed never to buy another Jelly Roll.. she was not at all impressed with the accuracy of it. I don't blame her!

This is Gillian measuring through the centre of her patchwork top to get the correct measurement for the inner border...... you can just see my Aurora there in the bottom corner... Gillian was loving using it... such a treat!!!
This is Gillian's table runner top, finished! For homework she will make the backing and in the next class she will make a sandwich and crack on with the quilting.. on my Aurora... until she gets one of her own!!!! he he he

On the other hand, we also had a treat.... Jenni is working with her hand crank machine, even the quilting... awww I love to see old machines being used... this photo wasn't set up... this is exactly how Jenni left her work whilst going to get a cup of coffee... just begging to be snapped in a photo.
Lizzie made her quilt sandwich first thing today, she got it all quilted and went home with homework... tying of all the thread ends and threading them into the quilt. Not the most interesting task... but very necessary. Next time we will do the binding and a label...

As these projects are coming to an end we had a short discussion about what we should tackle for our next project, we decided on this....a favourite of mine...

The ladies will get more great cutting practice, more accurate piecing practice and venture into the scary world of the 'triangle'.... oooooooo, I promise it is easy!!

For the next class we should have 4 Bernina Aurora 440 QE machines and a Janome 6600 to sew with!!!
Too much fun??

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