Monday 9 November 2009

Ocean Waves Progress?

I spent a few hours in my sewing room this weekend. Looking at this photo you probably can't notice any change from this one... there are now more block 'C's, the centre ones. In that last picture they were just gaps showing the design wall fabric... oh I hope you can see the difference??? all that work...!!! It's not even close to being complete, this is about a third of the size I want it to be.... These centre blocks are more fiddly because of centering the triangle each side, I could just "wing" it, but that is not my style... I want accuracy! I did break a little promise.... I was only ever going to make this quilt top as a "Leader & Ender" project, but I forgot myself yesterday and cracked on with a pile of 'half square triangles'... don't tell anyone, they don't need to know that! This pile of darker 2 1/2" square is still from my scraps but I have run out of lights, I'll have to cut the rest from yardage from here on. Which means I will be rooting through my stash for ages deciding which fabrics to part with.... my 'problem' is... 'If I use it, I won't have it any more', ... I know, I'm crackers, I confess!!!

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