Tuesday 24 November 2009

Uttoxeter Class

Woooo hoooo, the table runners are almost finished, they need the binding stitching down but the ladies can do that part at home... we ran out of time today... even though they all arrived 45 mins early and left 30 mins over time... I don't know where the class days go... wooooosh... that's it... wooooosh is how it goes.... he he he.. We don't even stop for lunch any more... we work through... these ladies are very keen to crack on... 'tis such fun you see.
This is 'Normal' Maureen's runner... we may need to re-name her because she will soon become the queen of "fudging".... Maureen has learned so many "fix it's" on this project you see.... It is made from second hand fabrics and looks fabulous....She is very happy with it.
Jenni, she's the only lady who was prepared to show herself on the photo..... well more than anyone else that is.... This is actually Jenni's second table runner, she had decided to start again as she wasn't happy with the first one. She has a good 3D effect going on here.
Gillian made her runner in Christmas fabrics, it will be finished in good time for the festive season. She is very excited about starting the next project... she just can't decide whether to bring in her own older, heavier sewing machine or to continue with the luxury of one of my new Aurora babies... I know which one she will choose.... he he he
'Dotty' Maureen had a small problem for the first part of the morning.... she had forgotten her glasses.... she tried to manage but, eventually went into town and treated herself to a new pair... It's quite amazing how much you can get done when you can actually see isn't it?? ha ha ha
Another picture of Jenni. I thought we should mark this occasion with a memorable photo.... this is the last time Jenni will be using one of my new Aurora babies..... but let's not be too sad...... next week she will be using her very own!!!!! It will be delivered on Thursday and, I think it is safe to say... she's well excited!!!!

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